1. D

    Quality of Life question

    This is a very tough post to make, so please be kind, but I need some opinions on the quality of life of my guy. If anyone else has a Dragon with some very specific, specialized caretaking requirements, I'd appreciate some insight, if you can offer some. Or if you've had a quality of life...
  2. 6

    Beardie had seizure

    Hi sorry to bother My partners beardie has not been his usual self last few days and when I attempt to feed him tonight he appeared to have what was a seizure His head when back, black bearded, mouth open and then flipped over onto his back. My partner picked him up and he calmed down around a...
  3. M

    Concerning Blood work for beardie

    I’ve recently taken my beardie to the vet because I believe he started to have a seizure. He was flat belly and had his head back with his mouth wide open and puffed out beard. It lasted a couple seconds at most and it’s the first time he has done it. They did blood work and it basically says...
  4. LilyM

    PLEASE HELP: Beardie having seizures and very aggressive

    My beardie pixie had a seizure a few weeks ago. I took her to the vet, swapped out all her bulbs for new ones, did blood work and a fecal sample. We gave her a D3 shot and a calcium shot. The vet says there are elevated levels of calcium consistent with possible ovulation? So I made lay box and...
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