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    Scale Question

    Hi everyone, I beardie snoopy is going through a shed but he’s has a couple concerning scales on his tail. It sort of looks like a dead scale, but he seems to have few spots, not too sure if we should be overly concerned? He’s happy and eating good and otherwise heathy.
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    White scales are peeling

    I could tell my bearded dragon has needed to peel for a while and I’ve been giving her baths. Hasn’t eaten a lot lately, she tends to get lazy during the winter time. I took her out and today and noticed this white spot on her tail, and surrounding it is peeling skin. It’s usually not this white...
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    Top of Head Question

    My beardie, Delta, has been having some issues lately. (I’m currently treating her for a moderate case of pinworms daily, by syringe) and also giving her 0.07 mL of calcium glubionate syrup every 24 hours. My vet recommended that, since she dropped weight from her parasites. Delta also is...
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