1. N

    Should I be worried?

    Hey! I’m totally new to having a beardie, not that I’m completely clueless about them or anything. I have owned reptiles on the past but I got a dragon for Christmas this year. I live in Idaho and it get super warm in the summer, and I know that I could take my dragon outside every once in a...
  2. Orion1002

    Orion keeps running away

    So I’ve had my new baby, Orion, for a month and two days now and I absolutely love her. She’s 12 inches as of last week and has just finished her first shed at home (I’m thinking 4-6 months old from her length). I thought she’s been slowly getting used to me and calming down around me but after...
  3. WebDeznr

    Skiddish baby beardie

    I got Jake about 1 month ago he is about 4 months (I think) when I first brought him home he was friendly. Stepped up on my hand when I put my hand in the tank. would sit on my chest while I was watching tv. But for the past week he is very skiddish when I put my hand in the tank or open the...
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