1. motherofalittledragon

    Is this scale rot?

    I just noticed this little bit of red where a scale should be and I'm wondering if it might be scale rot. My guy's been going insane the last two days (as he usually does when he has to poop but I suspect it might have to do with mating season because he usually doesn't poo multiple days in a...
  2. S

    New! Please help. Worried about tail!!

    Hello, I’m a new here! We’ve had our 4 month old bearded dragon named Claus for a couple of weeks. Since we’ve had him I’ve noticed a little notch at the end of his tail. I didn’t think much of it until I started reading more, assumed it was shedding. Now I’m worried about tail rot or that it’s...
  3. T

    Tail rot???

    My beardie is only a couple months old so he’s still developing his colour and I’m not sure if his tail is beginning to rot or it’s just the colour. A photo is attatched. There’s no stuck shed, I make sure everytime.
  4. B

    I was wondering is this tail is rot?

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