1. nuclearkielbasa

    Constant Wallsurfing - a week of skittering

    So, We recently adopted a beardie from a family (the kids got tired of him, and he'd bitten one so they were all scared of him) He's a bit older than 3 they think. He's lived in a smaller 36" enclosure, all glass(exoterra) with a doubledome-heat & UV combo. We now have him in a 45" laminate...
  2. nuclearkielbasa

    Relocating - increment or all at once?

    Hello there! we will be acquiring a 3-year old beardie that has been living in the same tank his whole life; a glass exoterra 12" x 18" x 36". We have a larger melamine tank that is 17" x 20" x 45" that will become his new home. What would be the best way to move him in? Do we keep him in his...
  3. danielc12

    Relocation Stress in new tank

    I just upgraded my bearded dragon to a new enclosure, and she has been having some really bad relocation stress. She’s been digging in her hide, not basking much, basically pooped on herself, and hasn’t eaten much. I currently have the front of the tank covered with a cloth to hopefully help...
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