1. rhendriks

    juvenile rankins dragon going into brumation?

    i have a 7-8 month old rankin's dragon that i believe is trying to brumate. he hasn't eaten anything in a few weeks. he's laying in one spot, half sleeping most of the day. i've given him a warm electrolyte bath which seemed to perk him back up for a day, but still no eating, and hes back to...
  2. rhendriks

    Rankin's acting strange

    hi!! i've had my juvenile rankins dragon, Onyx, since september and things have been going great. i've noticed with the colder months hes started acting different and i'm getting very worried, hoping i can get some advice before possibly going to an exotic vet. 1. i've never had any issue with...
  3. bleav913

    Rankins Dragons

    Hi guys! I just lost my beardie due to an illness his past owner either failed to disclose with me or didn’t know about. I’ve now ended up with a Rankins dragon and want to ensure I’m doing everything properly and that he’s happy and comfortable as well as be able to notice any signs of...
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