quality of life

  1. D

    Quality of Life question

    This is a very tough post to make, so please be kind, but I need some opinions on the quality of life of my guy. If anyone else has a Dragon with some very specific, specialized caretaking requirements, I'd appreciate some insight, if you can offer some. Or if you've had a quality of life...
  2. sconley

    Not eating, suspected MBD, low mobility, what should I do?

    I have a bearded dragon I took in in December 2021, he cannot climb, his back legs are basically useless. His 'care' by the previous owners: Ignored basically, left in a 2ft viv with no Uv, when I arrived he has no heat and was in their bathroom on the heated flooring? I asked them how long he...
  3. T

    I think the end is near

    I have an 11? year-old dragon who has really slowed down over the past few months. His eyesight is terrible and he will not eat on his own. We have been syringe feeding him Beardie Buffet, Grub Pie, or Critical Care. He will usually lap it up pretty well for me, but not really for anyone...
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