possible infection

  1. QueenJay

    Respiratory infection?

    For a long while, I will hear a "clicking" sound come from Nami, ONLY when she's out of her tank and with me. She will also breathe with her mouth open, majority of the time while she's basking in her tank or out in the sun. Once in a while she will "cough", which happens less than once a week...
  2. Pr0ngl3z

    Not quite sure if I should be worried

    I'm just going to be straight to the point, from what I've seen and read this is scale rot, or thr start of it. I just want to know if I'm the only person who thinks this, hoping someone a little more experienced with this could tell.(She posed so well for this 💜) When it comes to touching it...
  3. motherofalittledragon

    Parasite in Dubia Roaches?

    I just received some new Dubia roaches from Dubia.com, where I've been getting them the past several months. They seemed fine, although I didn't get a good look at them, but after I fed my beardie I noticed something on his tank wall. He's a messy eater so often guts end up around where he's...
  4. M

    Painted Agama Black Spots on Belly (Pic)

    Hello everyone, my painted agama Mushu normally has a very bright and creamy colored belly. Recently he has developed these spots on his belly. I am not sure if they have gone away or not considering he can make his skin this color on a whim. I should add that he isn't often showing me his...
  5. M

    Swelling but kidney and liver function fine

    My 2 year old has developed swollen limbs which have impaired mobility and he has reduced appetite and excretion. Following x-rays the Vet has said this is due to "efflusions" in the joints. It was expected that this would be caused by gout and possible kidney problems however the blood tests...
  6. AmethystFrog

    Nose Infection?? help

    I’m worried about my female Sally, I helped her with her nostrils skin and the next day it looked scabbed over and kinda a yellow stuff coming out when I press on it. I’ve been cleaning it and trying my best to keep it clean and put gel on it to keep it healing. I’m wondering if I should jus t...
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