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    Juvenile Bearded Dragon Eating Less - None and No normal sized BM in 2 days.

    Here are my stats and info at the moment: Will/Can add pictures of dragon and enclosure later today. Dragon : Under a year old, not totally sure on age, but we have had him from when he was a baby since about November of 2021 so roughly gonna guess 8 months of age. No signs of MBD, seems a...
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    Beardie Impacted???? Cloaca vent open and looks swollen!! Hind legs paralyzed!!! Please help!

    Hi! My beardie is 2 years old. He lives in a 55 gallon tank without substrate. We use a liner. He has the ZooMed 10.O and the Exoterra solar glow 125watt lights. He gets fed dubia roaches and collard greens. We attempt to feed every other day usually but he eats kind of when he wants. We...
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