1. G

    stinky poops

    my beardie george is about 5 months (we think) and he lives in my room. i love him to death and he's amazing, but everyday at least once i walk in and my room is full of smelly poop stench! i always clean it right away when i find it but the smell lingers. what can i do about this? how can i...
  2. Manateelova3000

    Beardie not pooping

    Before I start, my basking temps and everything are all good and the tank is cozy for him, so no need to ask anything. It’s been about 2 weeks and he hasn’t pooped, I’ve given him olive oil, bathes, massaged his sides, let him run around to try to poop, anything and everything. He isn’t...
  3. MochiMom

    Freaking out. 6 month old beardie passed brown and runny urate, soft stool. Has been lethargic

    Please help. Mochi is my first beardie. I adopted him from PetSmart in July and based on his size I guess that he is about 6 months old now. It’s been a learning process having him. I recently relocated his enclosure to be farther away from the home heat vents so that his humidity levels weren’t...
  4. goosegoose

    Beardie poop

    Hi, I don't really think my beardies poop is healthy.. What should I do about this? She eats worms everyday, and I give her a mix of veggies (usually stuff like collard greens, peppers, romaine lettuce, zucchini, etc,) with occasional fruits. She's about 8 months old.
  5. nocontextlizard

    Bearded Dragon Has Not Pooped

    I moved about 6 days ago and my bearded dragon is taking it really hard. She has not pooped at all since the move and will only eat bugs. (This is unusual, as she used to love blueberries). I gave her a soak the other day, no poop. I am trying again this morning but I am getting really nervous...
  6. hakusmom

    Poop problems

    Hi! Haku has been having trouble pooping and has been refusing more and more greens. Yesterday morning, he barely ate and I assume it was because he hasn’t pooped in awhile (4 days) so I skipped last nights feeding. This afternoon, he still hasn’t pooped yet. Should I avoid feeding him until he...
  7. C

    watery poop

    This is my dragon's poop. It has been watery like this his whole life, a little less when he was smaller. He is 5 months old. I do not know if this is normal since it has looked this way all the time but just making sure it isn't a parasite problem. He does not act sick and is very...
  8. motherofalittledragon

    Can I Go Blind From Beardie Poo?

    I love my little boy but he is an absolute menace during bathtime, always trying to escape and splashing a lot. I swear he's gotten worse lately for no discernable reason. He keeps splashing on me... which is even worse because he usually poos during bathtime. Some poopy water got in my eye...
  9. goosegoose

    Beardies Poop

    Hi, so this is my first time owning a beardie and I'm still a bit confused as to what regular beardie poop is normally supposed to look like, so i just needed some help on making sure his loads are normal and healthy. This was from today, he's 3 months old right now and I've had him for about a...
  10. M

    Poop time

    My big beardie baby has been taking big normal healthy “log” poos but the last poo was not all in one piece but little “healthy” looking poos. It wasn’t as large as his normal but didn’t look very concerning, is there possibly a reason for this? He seems much happier since I changed his...
  11. Nabewolf

    yellow poop, what does it mean?

    so i came home from work about 15min ago, and the first thing i always do is check both of my beardies cages for poop, and when i got to my females cage i found whats in the photo. shes been having issues for a bit now, she had stopped eating for about a month, wouldnt take anything, no roaches...
  12. T

    Beardie won't poop?

    So my 1-year-old beardie hasn't pooped in a while. I'm concerned it's impaction but she's showing no symptoms and I'm not sure if she's pooping somewhere that I can't see in her enclosure (I have ripped the whole thing apart looking for a pile and it also doesn't smell like my others' do when...
  13. MangosMom22

    There’s shed in my beardies poop.

    My beardie is named Mango. She’s about 3 months old. Today she pooped and it looks like there’s shed mixed in there. Should I be concerned?
  14. kenobisaber

    Watery poop but no parasites and temps are good?

    Hi y’all! Tigger had spotted his little brother (aka Kenobi - my new dragon) from across the room on accident. I don’t know if the stress from that has caused his watery stool or what. He was recently tested for parasites and i test quite frequently and he has none. He goes poop like 1x a week...
  15. dogndragonmom

    Undigested BSFL in poop

    Undigested black soldier fly larvae in poop. His lights and temps are great. He basks after eating and moves around cage as he needs. What the heck would cause this??? He is in a 4x2x2 Zen. 150w basking plus 75 basking. Reptisun t5 10.0 mounted inside. His hot side is about 100 ambient is...
  16. G

    Poop smell

    My bearded dragons poop smells like marijuana?? No one in the house smokes and there’s none in the house. His usual diet includes escarole, spaghetti squash, and crickets. Is this normal? Poop is normal just a weed like smell lol. TIA!
  17. C

    Concerns about my Beardies Feces

    So for a little bit now my beardies poop has been runny and different consistencies. I have changed her diet a couple times to help her, and right now I have her eating cabbage and about 6-8 dusted crickets every now and then. I can try and get a photo of what it loood like right now. Today I...
  18. Z

    Strange poop

    Hi guys Our beardies did the strangest poop Today. It had 4 or 5 pink "pods" in it. At first I wondered if it might be undigested grape skins rolled up. However they were fairly uniform in size and colour, and much larger than the grapes I fed her. Then I pondered if it was undigested locust...
  19. N

    Beardie Not Shedding 8 months old, new owner

    Hi friends!! I am a relatively new Beardie owner, as Kava (my beardie) is my first reptile. We got him back in March 23, 2021. We bought him at Petsmart (in retrospect I know, but we love him now anyway) and they told us he was about 8-12 weeks old. He was around 5 inches at the time. He was...
  20. M

    When should I worry about diarrhea?

    Hi everyone! When should I start to worry about diarrhea? My beardie is two years old. Recently, he's been having diarrhea on and off - usually the poop will be rather runny with varying levels of formation and often the urate will be rather hard - the smell is rather normal. Aside from the...
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