1. M

    Orange specks in poop

    We are new beardie owners and I am still learning what’s normal vs not. Our beardie Mushu, has a strange poop yesterday that I didn’t know if I should be concerned. He is acting normal otherwise, he eats mostly green lettuce, kale and had some carrots. He eats meal worms, crickets and Dubai...
  2. Z

    Pooped While Sleeping

    Hey guys, I have some concerns about our bearded dragon. Last night I woke up at around midnight and noticed that he pooped while sleeping. I did take him off his platform, cleaned the poop, and got him a new blanket. It was almost as if he pooped and slid forward. He did briefly wake up while I...
  3. Z

    Possible Parasites?

    I'm concerned about the appearance and odor of my beardie feces. I'm uncertain if her stool appears normal or if it may indicate a potential parasite issue. She looks healthy and has a good appetite, activity level, and stable weight, but the shape and smell of her feces worries me. Tank is in...
  4. Shard

    Encouraging A Different Bathroom?

    My bearded dragon has been pooping right on top of where she basks ever since I got her. I thought she'd realize on her own it inconveniences her since it's a whole process to clean it up, but she continues to do so. It's not that she's lazy either, since throughout the day she'll wander...
  5. A

    15 month old female rescue

    Hi all. I have a 15 month old female Beardie that I recently rescued. Took her in for bloodwork up, all was great. Fecal showed pinworms and coccidia. We began treatment immediately. It’s been a month, second fecal came back coccidia free with a continued low count of pinworms. So, treating...
  6. Shard

    Explosive Diarrhea?

    So Xion's always had this incredibly nasty smelling poop, though I didn't have anything to compare it to since I haven't had a beardie in a long time. Whenever she'd go you'd hear this LOUD WET FART as liquid would launch out behind her before the log. Well, it got worse. Now, every time it's...
  7. beardedbelle

    Bowel movements have increased?

    Hi! So my boy is about 5 years old, and for majority of his life he has pooped once a week. Pretty much rejected / did not eat a wide variety of vegetables as well (despite attempts to feed them to him). About a week ago he has begun, pooping pretty much daily. Last week we replaced his UVB (it...
  8. catwu20

    Runny/Mucosal Poop?

    Hi everyone, these are pictures of my beardie’s (6yrs, F) poop taken at 5 seperate days over the span of June-August). I’ve noticed that my beardie’s poop has been more watery than usual (there’s usually a bit of water surrounding the poop, but this is excessive). On a few days there has been a...
  9. C

    Bearded dragons poo

    Hello, I rescued a 2 year old male bearded dragon on Saturday from a man who couldn’t take of him and didn’t look after him properly. I have never had a bearded dragon before but did the research and got his set up all correct for him apart from substrate as the man said he eats sand and ended...
  10. goosegoose


    My beardie just pooped, but part of it is kind of weird and a brownish-red. Is it any concern? (picture below)
  11. nuclearkielbasa

    Bright Green + yellow 'shell' over urate?

    Has anyone encountered a green and yellow 'shell' around their beardies' urate before? Niblet has had 2 of them so far. They are hard and green with a yellow tip, but when cracked open the urate is bright white. It reminds me of a chili pepper. His poops are hearty and well-digested. Only had...
  12. goosegoose

    Healthy poop? (pics)

    My beardie has some strange poops sometimes and I want to just be safe and make sure they look healthy. She poops about once every 5-7 days, typically when I give her a bath. The one picture where she used the bathroom on our carpet (unfortunate for me) was taken April 22nd, and the other...
  13. V

    Tiny bit of blood in poo

    I took a fecal sample to the vet this morning because I saw a tiny little bit of blood in the liquid that came out with my boys poo. They called back and he does not have parasites. Husbandry is spot on. Beardies is acting normal, pooping every other day-few days. Eating and drinking as normal...
  14. M

    new adult beardie owner: unusual poop/urate experiences seeking guidance!

    hi! i rehomed an adult beardie (thought to be ~7 yrs old) from a friend who loved her but couldn't take her in their move. i've named her clementine (aka clem aka cowboy clem). i'm seeking some advice for her waste/consumption behavior because it seems different than how she was with my friend...
  15. G

    stinky poops

    my beardie george is about 5 months (we think) and he lives in my room. i love him to death and he's amazing, but everyday at least once i walk in and my room is full of smelly poop stench! i always clean it right away when i find it but the smell lingers. what can i do about this? how can i...
  16. Manateelova3000

    Beardie not pooping

    Before I start, my basking temps and everything are all good and the tank is cozy for him, so no need to ask anything. It’s been about 2 weeks and he hasn’t pooped, I’ve given him olive oil, bathes, massaged his sides, let him run around to try to poop, anything and everything. He isn’t...
  17. MochiMom

    Freaking out. 6 month old beardie passed brown and runny urate, soft stool. Has been lethargic

    Please help. Mochi is my first beardie. I adopted him from PetSmart in July and based on his size I guess that he is about 6 months old now. It’s been a learning process having him. I recently relocated his enclosure to be farther away from the home heat vents so that his humidity levels weren’t...
  18. goosegoose

    Beardie poop

    Hi, I don't really think my beardies poop is healthy.. What should I do about this? She eats worms everyday, and I give her a mix of veggies (usually stuff like collard greens, peppers, romaine lettuce, zucchini, etc,) with occasional fruits. She's about 8 months old.
  19. nocontextlizard

    Bearded Dragon Has Not Pooped

    I moved about 6 days ago and my bearded dragon is taking it really hard. She has not pooped at all since the move and will only eat bugs. (This is unusual, as she used to love blueberries). I gave her a soak the other day, no poop. I am trying again this morning but I am getting really nervous...
  20. hakusmom

    Poop problems

    Hi! Haku has been having trouble pooping and has been refusing more and more greens. Yesterday morning, he barely ate and I assume it was because he hasn’t pooped in awhile (4 days) so I skipped last nights feeding. This afternoon, he still hasn’t pooped yet. Should I avoid feeding him until he...
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