1. Shard

    Brumating with Pinworms?

    Hey so Xion stopped eating two days ago and won't leave her cave, she sleeps through the day (though sometimes she opens her eyes and gives me the stink eye) and I'm worried she's brumating. She's only 9 months old and her tank is nice and warm, but most concerningly she's currently being...
  2. Shard

    Pinworms, should I clear her tank?

    So Xion has pinworms and her substrate is a sand/soil mix. Should I clear out her tank and just go with paper towels until it clears up? Her basking spot is also on top of a wooden structure, I'm wondering if that could also be a possible hotspot for re-transmission. It's a pain to clean too. I...
  3. StanleysMyDragon

    Best place to buy toltrazuril.

    Hi guys I was looking to buy toltrazuril off bearded Is that a respectable company? My beardie Stanley is 1year old now. How much toltrazuril should I buy 2ml, 5ml, 10ml. I really don't want to take him back to the only reptile vet we have in town he's really not good. So thought I...
  4. sconley

    Lab results help Pinworms and Coccidia

    I got the following back from the faecal test for my dragon, would this count indicate treatment required? I used an online service that do not remotely prescribe at this time, so I would need to take this to an exotics vet. Thought I'd check here first, as I know all dragons have some...
  5. M

    Bloody stool, Black Beard and Inactive

    Sorry for posting again. I’m not trying to substitute this forum for a veterinarian, but this is my only alternative right now as I am a minor and I’m unable to make an appointment right now. So if you’ve seen my other threads, my 3 year old female beardie named Delta has been having some...
  6. B

    Sick Beardie & Vet Visit (Asking for Additional Advice on Pinworms/Inappetence)

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum but wanted to see what advice you all have to offer regarding an illness Bender the 7 year old male beardie (540g) is going through right now. What I’m going to type is long because I’m not sure how to explain without all the details so I thank you in advance...
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