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    Temporary, partial paralysis - no answers yet

    Hi everyone ~ this is my second time posting here! In my first post, I asked for advice on a damaged scale on Shred's nose. We've been applying medical honey as suggested and its healing up great ☺️ Unfortunately, we've had another issue that we just don't have answers for and I'm hoping...
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    arthritic pelvis bone care treatment advice

    Hello! Ive specifically joined this website for care tips for my beardie moko. Two days ago she was diagnosed with an arthritic bone. Where it sits limits her leg mobility by a lot because it pinches a nerve and the vet said it can lead to paralysis if shes not lucky. Moko was an active lizard...
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    Sick Beardie & Vet Visit (Asking for Additional Advice on Pinworms/Inappetence)

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum but wanted to see what advice you all have to offer regarding an illness Bender the 7 year old male beardie (540g) is going through right now. What I’m going to type is long because I’m not sure how to explain without all the details so I thank you in advance...
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