not pooping

  1. L

    Failure to thrive, or ill-timed brumation?

    Hi, Montero is a 1.5-year-old female bearded dragon. Early November she tested positive for coccidia and received two rounds of oral antibiotics. A fecal sample after treatment tested negative for coccidia. I originally tested her for parasites because she was losing her appetite and sleeping...
  2. Manateelova3000

    Beardie not pooping

    Before I start, my basking temps and everything are all good and the tank is cozy for him, so no need to ask anything. It’s been about 2 weeks and he hasn’t pooped, I’ve given him olive oil, bathes, massaged his sides, let him run around to try to poop, anything and everything. He isn’t...
  3. hakusmom

    More poop problems!

    Hi guys, I’ve come here yet again because Haku hasn’t pooped in about a week. I can tell that he needs to, but he can’t. He doesn’t have any sign of parasites, his eyes aren’t cloudy and his tummy is pretty full. I don’t think it’s impaction either, there’s no bumps along his spine, he’s walking...
  4. Mattie V

    7 month beardie hiding and not eating!?

    Hello! My boy Zeke is between 7 and 8 months. He has always been a big eater and also loves his greens. Well.... Yesterday and today he's been hiding and NOT eating no matter what I try. So I have been giving him warm baths and belly rubs which he doesn't mind because he hasn't pooped in 4 days...
  5. S

    Juvenile Bearded Dragon Eating Less - None and No normal sized BM in 2 days.

    Here are my stats and info at the moment: Will/Can add pictures of dragon and enclosure later today. Dragon : Under a year old, not totally sure on age, but we have had him from when he was a baby since about November of 2021 so roughly gonna guess 8 months of age. No signs of MBD, seems a...
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