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    Lethargic baby beardie

    Hello, I’m a new beardie mom. I inherited two of them and they’re about 5 wks old. I did several things wrong. I got “small” crickets from the store but weren’t very small. I put them in there and later realized they were too big. I left the crickets in overnight…I’ve read that was not good. So...
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    Beardie not moving well

    Hi all- i am desperately in search of some answers for my sweet beardie, Brea. She's not very old, around 3 months we think, and we've had her since August. We have a vet appointment tomorrow morning, but in the meantime I'm hoping others in the community may have experienced something similar...
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    Almost drowned :(

    I was bathing our beardie Duncan who is around 15 months in our bathroom sink like I always do. I was cleaning the toilet, no longer than 3-5 minutes at most when I went back to check, Duncan was in a U shape and limp! His eyes were open and so was his mouth so I though he was too hot and then...
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