not eating greens

  1. S

    My new baby beardie will NOT eat!?

    So my beardie of 10+ years recently passed away. A family member bought me a new baby. I’ve had him for about 11 days now. The first 2 days I had him he ate a decent amount of crickets & Dubias. No greens/vegs. By day 3ish-4 of having him he will NOT eat anything at all! Nothing. I’ve offered so...
  2. D

    New to beardies is this normal

    My buddy orange has kind of gone off his salad, I can get him to eat a bit if I hand feed. He has been to the vet at the end of October the only report officially was an elevated white blood cell that’s linked to inflammation in bearded dragons . His poops have been brown and healthy looking...
  3. Akg12saurus

    Baby food, bee pollen, & supplement recommendations

    Hey y’all, Warning a bit of a long winded post here. My beardie Gosha is going to turn 1 here in about 2 weeks. We had a treatment for parasites that was successful when he was about 8-9 months, and I’d say a week or two before that he lost interest in his greens and dubias. He only tried to...
  4. hakusmom

    He won’t eat bugs in the morning!

    Hi! I posted Haku’s daily routine a bit ago and I’ve gotten positive feedback which is always nice to hear. But now I have a problem, he won’t eat his bugs in the morning. As I said previously, he is 8 months and a real stickler when it comes to greens. He will eat veggies like carrots and bell...
  5. Z

    Behavior and Feeding issues

    I am having some issues with Summer and wanted to know if this is normal behavior. She is almost 2 years old female. I just got her recently 3 weeks ago. She is being lethargic, mostly stays in one spot and doesn't go to her basking spot. When she is cold to the touch I put her on her basking...
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