not eating greens

  1. PixilBun

    Post-brumation appetite; a question

    Hey all! First time beardie owner here! Our little guy Hekr (1 year old as of April) just recently finished his first solid brumation cycle. His instincts to brumate only kicked in about halfway through winter, and funnily enough, he brumated from early march to early june. During this time we...
  2. S

    My new baby beardie will NOT eat!?

    So my beardie of 10+ years recently passed away. A family member bought me a new baby. I’ve had him for about 11 days now. The first 2 days I had him he ate a decent amount of crickets & Dubias. No greens/vegs. By day 3ish-4 of having him he will NOT eat anything at all! Nothing. I’ve offered so...
  3. D

    New to beardies is this normal

    My buddy orange has kind of gone off his salad, I can get him to eat a bit if I hand feed. He has been to the vet at the end of October the only report officially was an elevated white blood cell that’s linked to inflammation in bearded dragons . His poops have been brown and healthy looking...
  4. Akg12saurus

    Baby food, bee pollen, & supplement recommendations

    Hey y’all, Warning a bit of a long winded post here. My beardie Gosha is going to turn 1 here in about 2 weeks. We had a treatment for parasites that was successful when he was about 8-9 months, and I’d say a week or two before that he lost interest in his greens and dubias. He only tried to...
  5. hakusmom

    He won’t eat bugs in the morning!

    Hi! I posted Haku’s daily routine a bit ago and I’ve gotten positive feedback which is always nice to hear. But now I have a problem, he won’t eat his bugs in the morning. As I said previously, he is 8 months and a real stickler when it comes to greens. He will eat veggies like carrots and bell...
  6. Z

    Behavior and Feeding issues

    I am having some issues with Summer and wanted to know if this is normal behavior. She is almost 2 years old female. I just got her recently 3 weeks ago. She is being lethargic, mostly stays in one spot and doesn't go to her basking spot. When she is cold to the touch I put her on her basking...
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