1. Mr.Dragon

    Brand New Home

    Just moved my Beardie into a new home! It's 36x18x18, so he has space to run around, and he definitely was running around and exploring for the first hour! Now he's relaxing under his basking light :) Still working out some of the qinks, but its coming together! (yes I did make his bed all by...
  2. Chanel12

    Home needed for 2 rescues Baltimore

    I rescued 2 beardies from a co-habitation housing. I was told Beardie 1 is about a year old. Beardie 2 is an tiny baby (no more than a few months). They both seem alert and friendly. I am only able to keep them temporarily. I am willing to drive anyone within 3 hours (will meet halfway if...
  3. C

    New Bearded Dragon Unhappy and General Care Assistance

    Hello! I recently adopted a juvenile bearded dragon. His hatch date was 9/24/2021 and we received him on 3/30/2022. Overview: When he first arrived at our home, he did not seem to be unhappy at all and was eating veggies for me. His left leg shed and sluffed off super easily, but not long...
  4. S

    He needs a better life

    Hi I've owned a bearded dragon for 3 years now and needless to say I've messed up. My beardie is named Ezekiel and I love him like a child of mine but I haven't taken care of him as if he was. I've messed up raising him ever since he was a Juvenile by not doing enough research and the proper...
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