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  1. G

    Beardie wont bask for long

    Hi! About 3 weeks ago i adopted what i now know to be about a 6-8 month old beardie (thought he was an adult but some awesome members helped me age him), his name is glizzy! Our original set up which was given to us at a reptile only pet store was a Powersun Heat plus UVB. It wasn't getting...
  2. franklinsbiggestfan

    Obsessed with Franklin... Too obsessed?

    Hello! I adopted a bearded dragon a few weeks ago. She was given to PetSmart because the previous owner was unable to take care of her. They had her in the back room in a 20 gallon tank next to a cage of birds. When she was given to them, she had a case of mouth rot. She went through two rounds...
  3. B

    Beardie Mum

    Greetings!!! I recently took over the care of my grandson's bearded dragon. For awhile, we thought she was a he, until she started digging and laying eggs when my son and grandson took her with them to their new home in the country. Due to some mishaps and negligence on my grandson's part...
  4. T

    Future New Beardie owner welcomes all tips

    My sons and I do not have a beardie yet, but we have been talking about it and are getting ready to make the move. I am 39 years old and have wanted one for many years but have never done it. Before we choose our BD, I want to have everything we need, setup, and ready to go before we ever bring...
  5. E

    Stressed baby

    Hello everyone. I’m a new bearded dragon owner and I just got a new baby 3 days ago. I noticed that he seems to be stressed out and I’m not sure what to do. I didn’t know they weren’t supposed to be sold so small please forgive me for that. He eats but not as much as he should, maybe 10-20...
  6. aether

    a few questions about beardies from a soon-to-be beardie owner. :D

    heyy!! im looking to get a bearded dragon, but i have some questions about them!! some backstory to help u guys answer a lil easier: the bearded dragon im looking to get is rather small, im guessing maybe 3-4 months?? im unsure of its gender, as the enclosure has maybe 5-6 of them (hoping for a...
  7. Orion1002

    Orion keeps running away

    So I’ve had my new baby, Orion, for a month and two days now and I absolutely love her. She’s 12 inches as of last week and has just finished her first shed at home (I’m thinking 4-6 months old from her length). I thought she’s been slowly getting used to me and calming down around me but after...
  8. J

    Tail slightly bent

    Hello, I’m a new beardie owner. My girlfriend recently bought a bearded dragon that’s 1 years old, The other day I heard some noises from his tank and saw him in the air. He had all four arms on the glass glass surfing being held up by his tail. He’s still not that used to humans so when I touch...
  9. A

    Did I Wait Too Long?

    Hi guys! I am 100% new to keeping bearded dragons. I did a lot of research and set up a bioactive enclosure, gave it a month to get going, and last week brought a baby dragon home from Petco (I know, bad place to do that >_<). Now in my research, I read to not touch them for a week. I leave my...
  10. R

    Uromastyx (New Lizard Owner!)

    I just got a male Yellow Uro yesterday, so I know about the settle in time taking a bit. What seems odd to me is that he slept on the floor of his cage in the corner and didn't really hop up on the basking rock at all for the day, I placed him on the rock this morning because I was worried...
  11. S

    New Beardie Owner Here - Have Questions :)

    Hi! New bearded dragon owner here! We adopted a 14 month old Beardie. They were sexed as male at a young age, but we think they might be female. Taking to the vet to confirm. Wanted to share my tank setup and routine and see if I should tweak anything. One or two questions about substrate as...
  12. M


    Hi everyone, this is Milo. My wife and I just purchased him from our local PetSmart. We are doing our best to give him a loving home :) I am curious if anyone knows what his coloration/morph actually is. PetSmart labeled him as a "Red Morph", but I haven't found any conclusive evidence of...
  13. U

    Olive! - Bearded Dragon

    Hello! I have had Olive for a year and a half now, about! The decision to take her into my care was kinda… abrupt. I am still learning and freak out at every time she does something weird and new. Luckily, I have a reptile vet not too far away with reasonable quotes! Here is a picture of her...
  14. J

    New to Beardies don't know much about parasites.

    Hi I'm just asking here I'm working with a friend whos a vet but he's not a vet for reptiles so he's asking through clinics and I figured id ask though here for advice or help.
  15. W

    Male or Female Beardie

    Hi all, I got my beardie back in November and they're 6 months old (based on size and growth over time). I've been trying to determine their sex, but I feel like I'm doing it wrong? I've checked both on their belly and lifting up the tail and it doesn't seem clear. It seems like some pores have...
  16. MangosMom22

    There’s shed in my beardies poop.

    My beardie is named Mango. She’s about 3 months old. Today she pooped and it looks like there’s shed mixed in there. Should I be concerned?
  17. R


    Hi guys! New beardie owner here. So I actually just got my beardie yesterday, he's 4 months old. He was chilling on my arm today when I noticed a red moving dot on his nose, just one tho. I blew the dot (which I think was a mite?) away and emptied his enclosure (bark substrate, a piece of wood...
  18. SilentArrow9

    New/First time Owner

    New beardie owner down here in Northern Arkansas. Got my dragon on January 23 from petco. I've always wanted one since I was a little kid but always got told no but I finally got around to getting one this year. I currently have her (I think) in a 20 gallon tank. I've got a friend working on...
  19. Gyrffinthedragon


    I have a 5 to 6 month old bearded dragon and he has been shedding lately. So far he’s only shed his head arms and tail but his main trunk has not shed it’s very dark and there’s parts of it that I could peel but I’m afraid to peel him. I’ve been giving him soaks and misting him. I am having...
  20. B

    Glass surfing

    Recently just bought a juvenile bearded dragon. He occasionally glass surfs but he frequently does it a lot when I turn the “night” lamp on when it’s time for bed. Does anyone know why he does this as I want him to be as happy and as healthy as possible?
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