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  1. aether

    name ideas??

    hey!! ive been going back and forth between names for my bearded dragon, but i still dont know what to call him. :( ive been deciding between: -pancake -saturn (sat-sat) -huey -honey lmk what u think suits the king, this isnt where im keeping him, this was at the pet store!! he was waving at...
  2. B

    URI in baby beardie?

    Hello! Yesterday I got a beardie that I've estimated to be around 5 months old. Every once in awhile, she'll make these clicking noises, which I know are usually possible signs of an URI, though she's not showing any other symptoms and seems to be doing perfectly fine otherwise. No saliva, no...
  3. R

    New beardie feeding questions - 6weeks old!

    Hi all, new and excited to be here! I picked up a 4 week old beardie on October 1 at a reptile expo. Gandalf is a leatherback male and has gorgeous coloring. He’s also my first reptile. He’s the best office companion with his set up in my office on a spare desk. I already love the little guy and...
  4. P

    Transporting + Viva Set Up

    I was planning to buy my first beardie. I have been doing research and stuff for awhile now. Someone I know is selling the one they have had for a few months with a full tank set up. They do however live two hours away from me. My question is, what is the best way of transporting the beardie...
  5. Lizzvjlg

    Fruit The Beardie

    Hello! First time beardie owner. Wasn’t expecting to get this little one but things happen. Her name is Fruit, she’s a hypo something. Stunted growth so at 4 years old she’s only 11 1/2 inches. She loves to be held and doesn’t understand why she can’t hang out with my dogs and chill with them...
  6. A

    New baby beardie- coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes

    I recently acquired a new baby beardie about 3 weeks ago. Took her to our exotic vet to get a fecal done and she tested positive for coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes. The vet prescribed panacur, ponazuril, and metronidazole all at .02 dosages. She is 29 grams, about 11-12 weeks old. Is...
  7. S

    How to tell the difference between damaged scales and scale rot?

    Hi, New beardie owner here. We adopted a 14 month old female dragon. Here is my introduction post which has all the infor on setup and diet: So. The previous owner had a lot of rocks and other small pointy objects. So she had some damaged scales on her tummy. We're working on switching to a...
  8. Monique996

    New Adopted adult beardie won’t eat, help!

    Hi all! I adopted my beautiful adult bearded dragon on June 2nd, 2022. Her name is Keala! She. I got her from a reptile store near me. It’s now been almost 2 weeks, and she still hasn’t eaten. I have tried to feed her Dubia roaches, collared greens, apples, carrots. She doesn’t even seem...
  9. M


    Hi everyone, this is Milo. My wife and I just purchased him from our local PetSmart. We are doing our best to give him a loving home :) I am curious if anyone knows what his coloration/morph actually is. PetSmart labeled him as a "Red Morph", but I haven't found any conclusive evidence of...
  10. Frankiethedragon

    New bearded dragon

    This is the rank we have. What is the best lighting we should have. And what other essential items should I get. Tia
  11. U

    Olive! - Bearded Dragon

    Hello! I have had Olive for a year and a half now, about! The decision to take her into my care was kinda… abrupt. I am still learning and freak out at every time she does something weird and new. Luckily, I have a reptile vet not too far away with reasonable quotes! Here is a picture of her...
  12. P

    A couple newbie questions

    hi guys, im a new beardie owner and just have a few questions. 1st is.. i just got my little one a week ago and he’s eating just fine and pooping well so i’m thinking he is healthy. One thing i’m worried about is his hydration. I know that they can go with out water for a while but he does not...
  13. U

    Adopted a bearded dragon with one Eyeball bigger than the other

    Eye problems recently adopted a full grown female. She seems happy and healthy but one eyeball is bigger than the other. I took her to the vet and the vet wasn’t sure either other than spending more than I have on a bunch of tests until we find an answer. Has any one also experienced one eyeball...
  14. M

    Sir and and I need some advice please

    Hello! First time bearded dragon owner, and I’ve been learning so much about him but I still have a few questions. So I’ve learned that his previous owners basically hand fed him because he almost refuses to eat unless I feed him with tongs so that’s kind of normal? Is there anything that I...
  15. kenobisaber

    ANY tips/tricks for stress? I NEED help!

    Tigger is my oldest beardie, he will be two years old on August 15th and Mando will be 1 year on May 18th. I am in a slight predicament. Their cages are across the room from each other. When Mando first arrived home (late January), Tigger went I never seen him act like it. Running...
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