1. Maxwell

    Should i worry about his nail?

    I have noticed that Crowley has one nail that curls inward and i have been brushing it off but i noticed today that its getting closer to his finger. I also noticed that he doesn’t have the black part on his nail.
  2. Mr.Dragon

    Nail clipping

    So Mr. Dragon is almost 4 months old now, about 11in and 65gs (growing up so fast 🥹) Though his claws are still small they're starting to get sharp. Leaving red scratches all over my arms and shoulders hah. Is he too young to start trimming his nail? What's the best type of clippers to use? The...
  3. D

    Advice on nail maintenance

    About two months ago now, I adopted Jasper from home that wasn’t able to take care of him properly. Since then, he’s been doing great. The day after I brought him home, we trimmed off about half the length of his nails, which were very, very overgrown - literally no bleeding when cutting off...
  4. B

    Long quick, how do I trim?

    My bearded dragon needed her nails trimmed and I noticed that she seems to have a long quick and I don’t know how close I can trim her nail without hurting her. I never really learned how to trim her nails since my mom always does. I already trimmed them like how a bunch of different websites...
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