1. H

    What do you guys think of my tank set up?

    The lamps are apart of the thrive 40 gallon tank set up. I need you guys to let me know if I need to upgrade them and if the placement is right(I am not yet done decorating his cage) I need recommendations for a humidity gauge also.
  2. kenobisaber

    UVB Placement Help? ASAP

    My question is can you place your UVB next to the basking bulb or does it HAVE to be like the 2nd diagram?
  3. R

    Concerned about Ragsy's eyesight/eating ability/enough exercise

    Hello all! I just joined. I read some older posts about eyesight but I am looking to see if anyone has any new information. My bearded dragon is between 6 and 7 years old. I adopted him when he was an adult but the person I adopted him from didn't know how old he was. He's usually very motivated...
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