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  1. Elliot Il Drago

    Reflective Mylar film?

    Hi! The reflector film on my Sunblaster fixture was damaged during a move. I’ve had a really hard time finding a replacement online. Does anyone know if reflective Mylar film will work? Thanks in advance!
  2. M

    Upgrade and Lighting Question

    *Newbie Question* I decided to upgrade Vincent’s enclosure to a 4x2 Zen Habitat. I ordered new UVB lighting and it’s going to take forever to get here (supply chain? Carrier error? Idk but it’s suddenly very delayed). He’s using the old T8 10 for now. I don’t think it’s close enough…...
  3. fowleri

    Enclosure Advice

    EDIT: Did some digging and I think I've got it figured out. NO LEDS either.
  4. ActiveOak

    Need help finding UVB light replacement

    Villgax has been hiding under her rock hide for.. a good week or two. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her, she eats sometimes when I offer but she doesn’t come out at all and has slept days away. I think it might be the UVB bulb, but I’m not sure. I’m trying to find a place to get ones. But I’m...
  5. EmberRising

    Heating help- ambient vs surface temp

    I have a new baby beardie (4-5m old) and am having trouble getting the temperature right. I can’t get the air temp high enough and the surface temps are at their max. I am currently using a Philips 72w par38 bulb. (I also tried a Zoo med 100w repti basking spot bulb with similar results.) The...
  6. Frankiethedragon

    New bearded dragon

    This is the rank we have. What is the best lighting we should have. And what other essential items should I get. Tia
  7. M

    New enclosure—need help with lighting

    We have a 6-7 month old beardie that we adopted 3 months ago named Mango and bought a used 50 gallon vivarium today, pictured. He was in a 20 gallon tank and outgrew it. I’m not sure if the lighting that came with it is correct. On the left is a ceramic emitter only. On the right is a small bulb...
  8. Willowww

    Light help for 5ftby2ftby2f enclosure for 7 month old beardie

    I have a 5ftby2ftby2ft cage for my beardie, about 150 gallons but I guess his tank is too big cause I can’t find anybody with the same measurements saving what wattage they use, I had a 160 all in one (not anymore since I got better uvb) anyway the 160 watts all in one didn’t heat it enough...
  9. B

    Beginner lighting questions

    I’m wanting to get a baby bearded dragon soon but I have a lot of questions for all the proper lighting I need for it before I get the lizard. I have a 75 gallon tank and want to know what type of UVB light I need to get and if I also need a heating day lamp to go with a UVB. If I need a heat...
  10. B

    UVB/basking help asap

    So, i’ve read lots of info on lights, but all the lengths/wattages/types are so confsuing, so I just need some direct answers if possible tank info- -currently has heat coil, uvb coil, and basking light -beleieve it is a 40 gallon, 36x18x18 -has a plastic splitter splitting the top metal mesh...
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