1. quantum

    UVB Light Broken

    So, just now, my compact UVB bulb broke. It made a short buzzing sound then randomly stopped working. Luckily, I had ordered a linear 10.0 UVB light, but the only con is that it comes either Saturday or Sunday. So I'm wondering can my bearded dragon survive until then?
  2. xMaxthekidd

    Best place for beardie tank?

    As posted before, I may be acquiring my brother’s beardie and moving him to my room, the thing is I’m not quite sure where to put him. I have a sort of small room, and the places I can think to put his new tank would be: by the window (of course then I would have to keep the curtains closed), on...
  3. Alexaandash

    Heat Bulb Keeps Busting

    I keep buying new ones but they keep busting, I’ve tried different brands of domes, different brands of bulbs but the heat always busts but not the uvb why?
  4. H

    Please help me with UVB lighting

    I have two coil UVB bulbs right now. I bought that as a quick and cheap way to get my new beardies bus UVB until I can research exactly what he needs. I didn’t want to buy expensive lighting before I knew which are correct. He is a rescue and I am a first time owner. I know and understand that...
  5. H

    Please somebody help me with the lighting of my beardies tank before he gets sick I am so worried I don’t know how to fix it

    Please help me with the lighting I am struggling and worried about my beardies well being. I have a new 120 gallon tank and cannot get the heat up. I have a 150w basking light, a ceramic heat emitter that runs 24/7, a uvb tube and a led tube for extra light. I can’t get the temp over 95 and it...
  6. P

    NEW Beardie - A Few Questions

    Hi! I just got a Beardie. He's about 5 years old. I got his enclosure, too, but I had to clean out the sand and put tile down, which I did as soon as I got him. He's been hiding under his stone cave for about 3 days (eats only when put in front of him), so I took the cave out today. He is...
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