1. C

    What kind of hood or cover do i use with 75 gallon aqueon aquarium, with a center beam?

    Hey folks. Just like the title states, I am looking to see what the best option for a cover would be for a 75 gallon glass aquarium by aqueon, which has a center beam for support. I am looking for something that will sit flush.. but it feels I am out of luck without building something myself. Am...
  2. kenobisaber

    Better Fitting Lid

    One of my dragons Tigger lives in an Exo-Terra® Natural Terrarium Reptile Habitat 36x18x18 for the time being while I wait for replacement parts on his 4x2x2.. I hated the cross t lid so I got a screen cover from Thrive where it’s just screen no cross t. Is there any better fitting lids? I feel...
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