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  1. Beardielover9000


    Hello everyone. My beardie just laid her first clutch of eggs, I was wondering if they appear to be fertile or not fertilized. Honestly they seemed to be great at first but now they’re not doing very well. Any advice would be wonderful. Photos attached are when she first laid, vs the end of the...
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    Alex dig box
  3. C

    Gravid injured beardie needs sanitary lay box

    Hi guys! So Crowley is 9.5 years old and we just found out he was a girl while at the vet for a serious tail injury a few weeks ago. We also learned that she is gravid! She has definitely been gravid before (I may have been in serious denial about feeling little eggs inside her, I was like no...
  4. T

    Is my bearded dragon gravid?

    Hello Everyone! So I believe my girl is gravid right now but i’m not sure. Last time she laid eggs, I didn’t even know that she was gravid, I let her out of her enclosure and boom there where some eggs. This time I want to be responsible and provide her with a lay box. I noticed about two weeks...
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