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    Baby bearded dragon limp front legs

    I need some help. I am very new to bearded dragons. We got one as a pet Nov 3rd this year and he was thriving. He was a voracious cricket eater. He has gone through two sheds already since we got him a month ago. He will not eat greens, like refuses to. He just finished shedding 5 days ago...
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    Bearded dragon fell while dead asleep and landed on his head

    My bearded dragon was laying on a pillow and fell about 8 inches off onto the bed and rolled onto his head he seems normal nice Color moves it nothing odd but im scared he is hurt cause he was sleeping and all he will do is go back to bed or sit and look which is normal he is normally sleeping...
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    Help! My Beardies Toe is Injured

    I was checking in on my Bearded Dragon today and I noticed the tip of his toe had a cut in it. I looked examined more closely and noticed his toe was halfway if not most of the way off. Im afraid that he has an infection or stuck shed. He is my first bearded dragon, I am still learning some...
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    Bearded Dragon Health Concerns

    I have a 9 year old bearded dragon named Beardo. He's generally very healthy and energetic, but there's a couple things I've noticed over the past couple months. The main issue is his tail. I let him free-roam, so I've had a few close calls where I've almost stepped on him... The last time I...
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    Something is wrong with my beardie’s back

    My bearded dragon is 4-5 months old. Since having him, he has been diagnosed with early MBD and possibly gout due to high uric acid levels. He also had a broken wrist possibly a complication of the MBD but it seems to be healing okay. He is on allopurinol for his gout and his calcium levels are...
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