infertile eggs

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    Bound Eggs

    My bearded dragon, Orlando--who for the last four years of his life I assumed was male--laid 33 eggs over the weekend and 4 more yesterday (4/11). I'm worried that she may have a few more eggs stuck inside her. She hadn't eaten for 3 weeks before she started laying eggs on Saturday. I didn't...
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    She did it!!
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    Olive Lays Eggs - First time!

    My Olive (3 years old, turning 4 soon) has laid her first infertile clutch of eggs! A whopping 31 total. Well, turns out that my coworker bought a beautiful male that has bright orange, white mouth spots, and dark brown along his sides. We want to breed a single clutch of eggs between those...
  4. Sandy's World

    Found 1 egg in bearded dragons tank. She's gravid, Help!

    My beardie Sandy just turned 2 years old in January. Just tonight I found 1 infertile egg in her tank! We did not breed her, and this will be her first ever clutch of eggs. She has been glass surfing more than usual, is more hyper, and her tummy looks a little bit big. I'm afraid she'll die if...
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