1. L

    Respiratory or impacted

    Hey all I have a 1 year old dragon his name is mushu. Iv had many dragons in my life and nursed many a rescue back to health but this Lil man has me stumped. So let me start by saying I came home to find this Lil dork drinking his h2o with his back half still on his basking rock basically doing...
  2. nocontextlizard

    Bearded Dragon Has Not Pooped

    I moved about 6 days ago and my bearded dragon is taking it really hard. She has not pooped at all since the move and will only eat bugs. (This is unusual, as she used to love blueberries). I gave her a soak the other day, no poop. I am trying again this morning but I am getting really nervous...
  3. CassiTheNerd420

    Possible Impaction?

    Hi, I just received a beardie (Frankie) last week and this is my first pet. I've spent all week researching and spent hundreds on his setup. His last owner wasn't very attentive on temps, uv, or diet (he was only fed crickets and blueberries daily with no vitamins). His temps look good now, his...
  4. QueenJay

    Bloated beardie

    Since yesterday my beardie looks like she’s bloated. She’s acting perfectly normal, doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort, but she feels like she’s filled with air. It’s been a couple days since she’s pooped and I‘m concerned she could be impacted. If it is impaction what should I do to help her...
  5. Monpetitchou

    Beardie hoarding food in his beard

    Hi there ! Sorry this is so long but i wanted to be as detailed as possibly before you guys give input or ask your questions: Last week, Falcon twice hoarded food in his beard and twice regurgitated it after a day or couple of days. I noticed after eating bugs, his beard would be very saggy...
  6. T

    Beardie won't poop?

    So my 1-year-old beardie hasn't pooped in a while. I'm concerned it's impaction but she's showing no symptoms and I'm not sure if she's pooping somewhere that I can't see in her enclosure (I have ripped the whole thing apart looking for a pile and it also doesn't smell like my others' do when...
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