1. JohnW61622

    Hello all New and super excited but also nervous beardie owner :) Meet Mushu! :)

    Hello we recently got our bearded a week and half ago and absolutely love him/her! I never knew how sweet and spunky these little guys could be, it’s adorable! We started out with a 40 gallon tank knowing we will switch to at least at 120 in the future but wanted to get the hang of things before...
  2. Z

    gooey sticky mucus discharge from the nose

    Constant gooey sticky mucus discharge from one nostril only - cleaning it with a Q-tip on a regular basis. No wheezing or any other sound. Possible URI? Can it be treated at home or need a vet? Humidity 60% cold side, 30-40% basking side Top screen mesh - cage is well ventilated
  3. J

    DIY smart thermostat outlets

    I’ve been looking into making my own temperature and humidity controllers for my beardies and my frog because the reliable brands are expensive and i would need to buy multiple as my tanks aren’t all together. If anyone has programming expertise I’d love to collaborate on a project that I’ve...
  4. Monique996

    New Adopted adult beardie won’t eat, help!

    Hi all! I adopted my beautiful adult bearded dragon on June 2nd, 2022. Her name is Keala! She. I got her from a reptile store near me. It’s now been almost 2 weeks, and she still hasn’t eaten. I have tried to feed her Dubia roaches, collared greens, apples, carrots. She doesn’t even seem...
  5. G

    Possible RI… high humidity

    Hi everyone. I️ am worried my beardie has a respiratory infection & need some advice on how to lower humidity! I️ have 3 hygrometers in different parts of the tank that are all ranging between 50-60%. Some people say anything above 40% is harmful & others say as long as it stays below 70% it’s...
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