1. K

    Help please…

    I’m wanting to move my bearded dragons tank into the same room as my hermit crabs tank.Would the humidity from the hermit crabs affect my bearded dragon??
  2. quantum

    Beginner Bearded Dragon Owner

    Before I start, I need to establish some things. I got my first ever personal pet today, a bearded dragon. I have never owned my own pet, nor do I have any pet experience under my belt. I got my bearded dragon today (4/27/24) at PetSmart. I have a 40 gallon tank that came with the things I...
  3. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    The reason why the humidity is so low in Swordtail's enclosure

    Is it humid? His enclosure: no His belly: yes
  4. JohnW61622

    Hello all New and super excited but also nervous beardie owner :) Meet Mushu! :)

    Hello we recently got our bearded a week and half ago and absolutely love him/her! I never knew how sweet and spunky these little guys could be, it’s adorable! We started out with a 40 gallon tank knowing we will switch to at least at 120 in the future but wanted to get the hang of things before...
  5. Z

    gooey sticky mucus discharge from the nose

    Constant gooey sticky mucus discharge from one nostril only - cleaning it with a Q-tip on a regular basis. No wheezing or any other sound. Possible URI? Can it be treated at home or need a vet? Humidity 60% cold side, 30-40% basking side Top screen mesh - cage is well ventilated
  6. J

    DIY smart thermostat outlets

    I’ve been looking into making my own temperature and humidity controllers for my beardies and my frog because the reliable brands are expensive and i would need to buy multiple as my tanks aren’t all together. If anyone has programming expertise I’d love to collaborate on a project that I’ve...
  7. Monique996

    New Adopted adult beardie won’t eat, help!

    Hi all! I adopted my beautiful adult bearded dragon on June 2nd, 2022. Her name is Keala! She. I got her from a reptile store near me. It’s now been almost 2 weeks, and she still hasn’t eaten. I have tried to feed her Dubia roaches, collared greens, apples, carrots. She doesn’t even seem...
  8. G

    Possible RI… high humidity

    Hi everyone. I️ am worried my beardie has a respiratory infection & need some advice on how to lower humidity! I️ have 3 hygrometers in different parts of the tank that are all ranging between 50-60%. Some people say anything above 40% is harmful & others say as long as it stays below 70% it’s...
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