1. itsTigereye

    Constantly Attempting to Brumate?

    Hello! My bearded dragon started showing signs of wanting to brumate around November of this year. Not eating as much, digging in her caves, and not wanting to bask. She did one final poop and settled down. I left her alone, keeping her lights on a shorter cycle. I would offer her food...
  2. V

    My Adult Beardy Waylon is Missing

    Help! My little guy is missing! He's an adult beardy and i cant believe a lizard as big as he can hide so well. I've tried everything i can think of and have read. I was in the kitchen cooking when he was let out of his cage by my wife to roam around like he normally does. He came and said hi...
  3. S

    sudden changes in my dragon?

    hi everyone! i made an account just to post about this because i haven't been able to find anything anywhere about what's going on with my lil buddy icarus! her cage is in my bedroom. two days ago i woke up to her completely black. beard and chest the color of ink. this is the first time it...
  4. Z

    Stay in hide

    I have a bearded dragon that is 13 months old and is a male. He is currently acting weird for him. He is staying in is hide wide awake during the day with no basking unless I encourage it. He is slightly digging in the hide. He will come out for crickets and will hunt them down with no lack of...
  5. danielc12

    Beardie going to bed early, winter time changes?

    Hello! So my beardie (6 months old, female) just got done dealing with some pretty bad relocation stress, but luckily we're mostly back to normal. She's eating fine, pooping normally, and finally hanging out outside her hide again. Today she hung out basking and moving around from 7AM to now...
  6. danielc12

    Relocation Stress in new tank

    I just upgraded my bearded dragon to a new enclosure, and she has been having some really bad relocation stress. She’s been digging in her hide, not basking much, basically pooped on herself, and hasn’t eaten much. I currently have the front of the tank covered with a cloth to hopefully help...
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