hiding juvenile

  1. rhendriks

    juvenile rankins dragon going into brumation?

    i have a 7-8 month old rankin's dragon that i believe is trying to brumate. he hasn't eaten anything in a few weeks. he's laying in one spot, half sleeping most of the day. i've given him a warm electrolyte bath which seemed to perk him back up for a day, but still no eating, and hes back to...
  2. Mattie V

    7 month beardie hiding and not eating!?

    Hello! My boy Zeke is between 7 and 8 months. He has always been a big eater and also loves his greens. Well.... Yesterday and today he's been hiding and NOT eating no matter what I try. So I have been giving him warm baths and belly rubs which he doesn't mind because he hasn't pooped in 4 days...
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