1. Z

    Need a Vet in LA

    Hello I need help finding a beardie vet on the LA area can anyone recommend one?
  2. L

    Sick, done all I can do…Please help!!

    My bearded dragon’s name is Littlefoot. She is 7 years old, and she has always been healthy up until the last couple of months. I first started noticing that she wasn’t as hungry as she normally was. She didn’t have that much energy. She wouldn’t eat even if I hand fed her. That kind of came and...
  3. K

    Bearded dragon not laying eggs! Plz help!!

    My bearded dragon has been gravid for 6 weeks & isn’t laying her eggs, I’ve put her in her lay box for the past week as she was getting restless & digging in her tank. She’s digging but very little and once she digs her cave she comes right out of it and starts to “glass surf” in her dig box...
  4. B

    Sudden Aggression and Hiding, Sick?

    Hi! I have a beardie named King Norbert who is about 5 years ago, I adopted him last year. He is a great boy, loves to run and jump around and is my best friend. However, he has been acting really weird for the past week. Last Thursday, I realized that one of his heat lamps fell into his cage. I...
  5. T

    Do I give my Bearded Dragon enough hydration?

    Hi everyone. I have a 3 year old Male Bearded Dragon. I really only give him baths when he gets poop on himself. I read that baths aren't necessary but other people say that they are. I spray his greens whenever I feed him. Is this okay? I have seen a lot of differing opinions about baths.
  6. Roberts926

    Introduction and Feedback

    Good evening, my name is Robert. I have recently purchased my second bearded dragon. My first one passed away right before Christmas 2021. His name was Zeus and he lived to be 12 years old. Samson is my new beardie and he is approximately 8 months old. I never had any issues with Zeus, however I...
  7. G

    Respiratory Infection? Something else?

    So my three year old girl Bruno has been a bit off since August 2021; at first she was gasping once or twice a day (cough like noises, and I stay in the room with her so I’m pretty sure she did it this rarely). She was also struggling to shed well. Also bear in mind she’s never tried to lay eggs...
  8. M


    So I just switched to a 40 gallon tank for my beardie, I got a larger uvb bar (reptisun 10.0) that I’m planning to mount under the screen today. as well as a new housing / basking bulb. It’s a 100w zoomed bulb. I don’t know if I need new thermometers but they are both reading at about 80 degrees...
  9. kenobisaber

    Lighting Help, ASAP!

    Hi everyone! I have a 16 month old dragon named Tigger! He is in his 36x18x18 enclosure still due to the fact personal transgressions stopped me from being able to get him into his 4x2x2 enclosure yet. I realized today I got the wrong % of UVB. It sits on top of his enclosure on a mesh screen...
  10. M

    Tail rot or is this normal??

    So when we first got cactus the end of his tail was light gray, I just thought it was neat how his color seemed to dissapear and he “ran out of ink” at the end of his tail, it seems like a bit more of his tail is the same gray color now and I’m just wondering if this is normal?! His body is...
  11. Rogersdad

    Please help! blood in poop/lethargy/not eating

    So I am going to do the best I can to describe everything that is going on, and I will do my best to provide information on the tank, lighting etc.. Since I am at work it is fairly difficult to remember everything, however, I rescued my little roger from a pet store about 5 months ago when she...
  12. macandham

    help with viv

    my viv currently looks like this despite it not yet being at the right temperature. it does not contain my beardie yet but i’m supposed to get him tomorrow and i don’t know if i can if this persists. i’m currently using bio life ( desert, it’s a soil and sand mix ) as a substrate as that’s what...
  13. Z

    Strange poop

    Hi guys Our beardies did the strangest poop Today. It had 4 or 5 pink "pods" in it. At first I wondered if it might be undigested grape skins rolled up. However they were fairly uniform in size and colour, and much larger than the grapes I fed her. Then I pondered if it was undigested locust...
  14. A

    Inside of throat

    Okay so this may be a really stupid question, but every little thing worries me so I wanna make sure this isn’t a cause for concern. My beardie was on his basking rock, gaping after eating. I noticed inside his throat there is black lines. They’re small, thin black lines and what isn’t black...
  15. Leahlm248

    Lizzie has a wound

    Hello, my beardie has little wounds on both front feet. They are still walking on them fine but I have noticed they are less energetic but still loving live food and human time. Could anyone identify what these wounds are from? Also how do I tell the gender of my beardie? I think it’s a girl so...
  16. S

    Possible burn??

    I just noticed a discolored spot on my bearded dragon. I’m thinking it’s a burn. A couple days ago the weather was much warmer then expected and when I got home her basking spot was at 106 . I cooled her tank down to her normal 100. She was not in her basking spot but on the ground on the cool...
  17. M

    Anyone know what this hole is

    I got my dragon off my sister who does not live with me who rescued it as it was not being treat right off the previous owner I found this hole looked it up found nothing Anyone know what this is ?? Last pic is a pic of him 🥰
  18. FrogWorld

    Dragon not eating

    Hello! First post here :). I scheduled a vet visit in two days to get tested for parasites first and foremost but I still feel anxious having to wait while I don’t know what’s going on. I have a bearded dragon that’s approaching a year in age. I don’t know exactly when he was born, but he was a...
  19. S

    Red film on eye problem

    Hey, his eye is like that. He often close it, and sometimes it looks normal. His other eye seems to be okay. He has been shredding around his eye, I thought it was because of that. What is this, and how can I help him?
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