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  1. F

    Beardie getting a cut on face

    My beardie got a cut on her face is there anything we should do to ensure it is clean and safe. There was never blood coming out of the wound but she is shaken up. What should I do
  2. DumplingTheDragon

    PLEASE HELP ASAP (I'm a very worried dragon mother)

    I've been really worried about my beardie recently. He has some really weird scales that look shriveled up and if something touches them it causes him pain. Especially on his tail, if something touches it he wags his tail around and kicks with his leg. His birthday is in March(we're assuming)...
  3. Rylie Skye

    My baby beardie was attacked by the cat

    This morning, my cat broke into my baby beardie’s terrarium. Athena (the cat) somehow managed to get inside the light compartment, tear the screen, and shimmy her way down into his home through a tiny tennis ball-sized hole. She attacked Marvin (the beardie) and left some pretty nasty gashes...
  4. A

    Please help! my moms baby beardie got his hand cut off!

    What can I do to try and keep him alive? i got my mom this baby beardie for Christmas as she's been really really wanting one since i got mine almost a year ago. My sister has kittens and we believe the cat ate off his hand, Baby groot( the baby beardie) has only one finger left. He is still...
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