1. Dagnarok

    Bearded dragon with broken clavicle?

    I live in Las Vegas and I've been to 4 exotic vets all have done x-rays and most said he's old and has arthritis give him carprofen, one suggested, meloxicam after those didn't work and he was still Blackbearding and walking lopsided, one vet gave him prednisolone... All these oral medications...
  2. L

    Can my dogs get coccidia from my bearded dragons feces

    I am pretty sure my beardie has Coccidia for the second time and i’ve been letting him potty in a tent outside so he won’t spread it into his cage. I’ve also been treating his cage for parasites just in case. To be clear, I have talked to a vet over the phone and they told me to wait until he’s...
  3. B

    my older beardeds color is fading away

    so i have a bearded dragon who is around 6 and i noticed his scales mostly around his beard were fading in color and seemed very dulled out with the tips of some of his scales turning white however it isn't shed it's his actual scale is this normal or is it a bad sign of something i'm worried
  4. C

    Bearded dragon lost nail-what to do

    My bearded dragon, Beardie(18in, healthy common bearded dragon) just lost her rear long finger's nail. I had noticed it coming off(like it pointed slightly upwards and sideways) for about 1 and a half weeks, and now it finally did. I am unsure what to do about it as I have never come against a...
  5. G

    Little bugs in my dubia keeper?

    I bought some dubias from my regular supplier, dubia.com, about three weeks ago. Opened up the critter keeper just now and it’s full of these long black bugs. I have no idea what they are. The critter keeper stays closed in a drawer when I’m not feeding. I’ve never seen these guys before. Is...
  6. R

    Help please :,)

    My juvenile beardie keeps scraping and trying to climb the walls of his viv and going a little frantic I did recently change some on his vivarium such as a new cave and branch due to him growing and not fitting his old ones, will this be the cause of his stressed behaviour ? Will he get used to...
  7. B

    Blood in beardie's poop(i think)

    Hello! This is my first post, idk exactly what information to provide but basically yesterday and today it seemed like there was red(assuming blood) in my beardies poop.(5/25 and 5/26) He does eat mealworms(medium size). I believe he is around 7-9 months old, I still need to measure him. I got...
  8. DumplingTheDragon

    PLEASE HELP ASAP (I'm a very worried dragon mother)

    I've been really worried about my beardie recently. He has some really weird scales that look shriveled up and if something touches them it causes him pain. Especially on his tail, if something touches it he wags his tail around and kicks with his leg. His birthday is in March(we're assuming)...
  9. H

    Sealents n Wood

    Hello! I was recently wanting to upgrade our beardies enclosure to a larger size and I found this hamster enclosure that seems perfect. I wanted to know if it is safe for her as it is made of fir wood. If the wood is not safe is there a way I can seal it to make it safe? And does the wood pose a...
  10. K

    Bearded dragon help asap!

    Please help me with my bearded dragon. A few days ago when I woke up I noticed what looked like a red scratch just above his right eye. Now two days later it's gotten worse there's another red scratch looking wound and it's swollen, looks bruised, he doesn't keep they eye open very much. Also on...
  11. Ridley_Roc66

    Brumation or enclosure issues??!

    Hello dragon daddies & mommies! This here is RIDLEY and he's not acting like his usual self. He has been hiding for a couple weeks and now sleeping in his little cave. He still has an appetite if I put food in front, but won't bask. RIDLEY usually likes to bask, poop, eat, then run outside to...
  12. affinenine

    Beardie has mysterious pink lump above eye

    Hi all! I apologize if this post is in the wrong section. I'm very new 🙂. The other day I noticed a tiny pink lump on Butternut's upper eye skin. Today, it looks like it's gotten a bit darker and a smidge bigger. There's no discharge. It almost looks like a bug bite or a wart. Butternut doesn't...
  13. A

    Did I Wait Too Long?

    Hi guys! I am 100% new to keeping bearded dragons. I did a lot of research and set up a bioactive enclosure, gave it a month to get going, and last week brought a baby dragon home from Petco (I know, bad place to do that >_<). Now in my research, I read to not touch them for a week. I leave my...
  14. S

    Hi! wondering what would be the best way to get a sick beardie used to his new enclosure without stressing him out.

    First of all, Hello all! I’m brand new here :). So I finally ordered Ozzie, my rescue, a new enclosure since the one he came in is way too small. The thing is, Oslo is terminally ill. While he’s pretty stable right now, he’s in renal failure and has MBD. When I took him in, the stress of having...
  15. A

    There is something in my beardies eye

    Hi, I’m a first time beardie owner and today I took Reya out her cage and she is maybe 3 months. I noticed something in her eye. I’m not sure what it is or what to do .
  16. A

    Meal plan

    Hi, I got my bearded dragon about 5 months ago, he's 6 months old now. Lately, I've just been feeding him two hours after he wakes up about three super worms with the calcium powder, then around 4 i give him two superworms with some carrots, I've noticed he still stays hungry but I'm afraid of...
  17. T

    Baby Beardie Bitten by 1 Year old Beardie on the Head. HELP!!!!!

    I need help really fast. I already own one beardie who is just over a year old and her name is mustard. I just got a new beardie yesterday (ketchup) who couldn't be more than 6 weeks old at the most. I was doing that thing where I took him over to the dogs and let them smell him etc to make them...
  18. K

    Im not sure if my bearded dragon has yellow fungus

    I noticed he had partial yellow shed and I could kind of see his skin under his tail and it had a yellow tint
  19. T

    New Tank, Strange Behavior

    Hello. I’m fairly new to bearded dragons and reptiles in general, but I think I’ve been handling it well. I built a custom tank for my bearded dragon that I got at about 3 months old. That tank had an open top, but I was able to maintain temperature and humidity well. Three weeks ago, I...
  20. D

    Bent and discolored nail

    hi there! Mushu is a two year old standard morph. His nail on his left foot seemed to get bent in a way a couple months ago but I monitored him and he walks on it just fine and doesn’t seem to be in any pain. However, just this week the nail looks like it almost has a blood clot in it. He still...
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