1. L

    Looking for Advice on Lighting and Heating Placement, and Whether or Not to Add a Jungle Dawn LED Bar

    I recently inherited a beardie (my first) and got her a new, bigger tank (48"x24"x18"). Her substrate is a mixture of Jurassic desert sand/topsoil/excavator clay. She has a 75w Zoo Med basking bulb over her basking spot and a Reptisun T5 HO 10.0 bar with a deep heat projector bulb for...
  2. Morri

    Getting the ambient temperatures right

    I have been trying to set up the new enclosure and I am struggling with the ambient temperatures and measuring them correctly. I am also getting a lot of different information all around and it's slowly driving me insane. The vivarium is a wooden 4 x 2 x 2, heating is a 150W Arcadia floodlight...
  3. xMaxthekidd

    Emotional Support beardie?

    So I am a teenager with autism and anxiety and I have found that my bearded dragon Joey can help really well to calm me down, I am going to discuss registering him as an emotional support animal, but I have a few questions. 1. Can I take him in public? Is it safe for him? 2. If so, what kind...
  4. L

    Issues with temperatures for a Bearded dragon

    Hi guys, I have problems in getting the right temperatures for my bearded dragon. My enclosure is a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft viv from plywood. I have a an electronic thermostat and I place the sensor on the hot end side of the viv. ( you can see it in the attached pics). For heating I just...
  5. macandham

    Heating during cold nights

    Although my beardie’s temps are perfect during the day, at night ( particularly now it’s December ) have been suddenly plunging. I am not too sure what to do, as I am relatively new and still unsure. Currently, i’ve been draping a towel over the front during the nights and shutting the door to...
  6. Echoing

    Baby beardie light timer?

    When I picked up my tank the person at the store said for the first year of owning the dragon I should keep the lights on 24/7. Is this correct? I have a 48Lx24Dx24H with two basking light slots both with 75 watt USR infared bulbs currently.
  7. EmberRising

    Heating help- ambient vs surface temp

    I have a new baby beardie (4-5m old) and am having trouble getting the temperature right. I can’t get the air temp high enough and the surface temps are at their max. I am currently using a Philips 72w par38 bulb. (I also tried a Zoo med 100w repti basking spot bulb with similar results.) The...
  8. Willowww

    Light help for 5ftby2ftby2f enclosure for 7 month old beardie

    I have a 5ftby2ftby2ft cage for my beardie, about 150 gallons but I guess his tank is too big cause I can’t find anybody with the same measurements saving what wattage they use, I had a 160 all in one (not anymore since I got better uvb) anyway the 160 watts all in one didn’t heat it enough...
  9. Carpenter Dad

    Legit baffled here

    So, I’m confused abit here and having some trouble. I have one of these damn tall tanks (24”) and having an issue to get the proper basking temp. The basking lamp is 100W and gets between 93°F-97°F. It would be warmer for him if the little guy would lay on the hammocks, but he insists on the...
  10. catwu20

    How to properly measure temperatures/UVB distance?

    This might seem like a dumb question, but what's the proper way to measure temps and UVB distance? Since the lights are hitting the back of your dragon, wouldn't the extra ~3" of your dragon's thickness add extra inches/degrees? (I have an adult dragon haha) For example, if your basking spot...
  11. T

    Please help with lighting

    We’re going to be building a 130 gallon tank for my adult beardie but I’m not sure what basking light to use and what uvb, any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  12. JayTheDragonTamer

    Discussion on light & heat efficiency

    Hey again. Things have been great with Spike and his custom viv. He’s doing well. All has been fine up until a visit from my Dad (who has a degree in mechanical engineering). I’ve mentioned this before, but we live in the outskirts of the UK where the cost of living is high, and this mean...
  13. S

    Sick Beardie Night Temperatures

    Hi everyone! My beardie has follicular stasis, and my vet has recommended that I keep night time temperatures the same as daytime - around 37 degrees Celcius. However, everything I have seen has said not to do this, so if anyone has any opinions that would be very helpful. I am seeing the vet...
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