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  1. K

    Heat lamp problems

    Hey everyone! Having a few problems with my heat lamp and getting it to be warm enough/staying on. To start, I have a 100w halogen bulb in a zoo med reflector dome. I cant get my 4x2x2 enclosure warm enough on the warm side, it will struggle all day to get to 90. And now it keeps turning off...
  2. L

    Issues with temperatures for a Bearded dragon

    Hi guys, I have problems in getting the right temperatures for my bearded dragon. My enclosure is a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft viv from plywood. I have a an electronic thermostat and I place the sensor on the hot end side of the viv. ( you can see it in the attached pics). For heating I just...
  3. Echoing

    Arcadia Halogen

    I have a 75 gallon tank and I was wondering how many Arcadia Halogen bulbs I would need to heat up the cage and what wattage. (I can only fit 2 bulbs in my cage I have a Melamine enclosure.)
  4. C

    Heating effect on custom foam background/elements?

    Hi all, currently building a custom enclosure for my BD and just hoping to get some confirmation/clarity before I start scaping the background. I will be forming the 3 sided background out of XPS foam, and then coating it in multiple layers of a sanded grout, and then sealing with mod podge...
  5. chestermymunchkin

    setting up a 40 gallon for leopard gecko baby lighting/heating question

    hello everyone, I believe I'm going to get a baby leopard gecko during this summer to have plenty of time for it, and gain experience with younger reptiles and raising them. I am aware that I should quarantine it before I put it in Chester's room (my bd) I'm going to get it from a local breeder...
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