1. Shard

    Can't Get Temps Hot Enough

    I can't seem to get Xion's temps right no matter what I've tried so far. I've used a temp gun & probe to check. She has a UVB tube. Her basking spot is about 6 inches from the bulb (I'm afraid of potentially hurting her if I push it closer) Her basking spot is a rock large enough for her to lay...
  2. H

    Please somebody help me with the lighting of my beardies tank before he gets sick I am so worried I don’t know how to fix it

    Please help me with the lighting I am struggling and worried about my beardies well being. I have a new 120 gallon tank and cannot get the heat up. I have a 150w basking light, a ceramic heat emitter that runs 24/7, a uvb tube and a led tube for extra light. I can’t get the temp over 95 and it...
  3. G

    I can’t get the temps right in my 4x2x2 enclosure

    I am new here sorry if I mess anything up. So I have a 120gal dubia. Com enclosure and I cannot get the temps right. I have a 150w reptisun basking light above the basking spot, but the basking spot surface temp only gets into the low 90s. the mesh blocks out most of the heat so I was thinking...
  4. P

    Replicating Natural Sunlight/Heat

    I have gone down a rabbit hole or research on trying to replicate natural sunlight spectrum (UV, visible, IR). Along with this, trying to mimic sunrise and sunset. Meaning gradually changing temps and UVI throughout the day, to mimic the natural changes experienced in the Australian Outback...
  5. Echoing

    Arcadia Halogen

    I have a 75 gallon tank and I was wondering how many Arcadia Halogen bulbs I would need to heat up the cage and what wattage. (I can only fit 2 bulbs in my cage I have a Melamine enclosure.)
  6. Jupitertheking


    So I got lights from a pet shop and they did tell/recommended me to buy them but someone on here told me that I have to change them because they are coil lights and they are bad for bearded dragon and I’m really confused do I need to change them or not and because my tank is really high what...
  7. P

    NEW Beardie - A Few Questions

    Hi! I just got a Beardie. He's about 5 years old. I got his enclosure, too, but I had to clean out the sand and put tile down, which I did as soon as I got him. He's been hiding under his stone cave for about 3 days (eats only when put in front of him), so I took the cave out today. He is...
  8. S

    Sick Beardie Night Temperatures

    Hi everyone! My beardie has follicular stasis, and my vet has recommended that I keep night time temperatures the same as daytime - around 37 degrees Celcius. However, everything I have seen has said not to do this, so if anyone has any opinions that would be very helpful. I am seeing the vet...
  9. Sulitlana

    Issue keeping ambient temps

    I am having a light issue keeping my ambient temperature for my juvi/baby bearded dragon warm enough during the day without using a CHE centered about in the middle of the tank. The highest ambient temp I have gotten on my warm side is about 86 using a 100 watt CHE. My basking temp surfaces...
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