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  1. SherlockMommy

    Sherlocks back foot

    Hello! I am a new beardie mommy with a question. When I say new I mean 2 days, and I have a habit of over worrying about things, but your feedback would be appreciated. I have noticed that one of Sherlock's (their name) back feet is a bit darker than their others. I will attach some pictures. I...
  2. Juno

    My beardie stopped eating, should i worry?

    My little dragon has been eating voraciously for almost 3 weeks now, but he suddenly stopped eating. It has been around 3 days since he stopped, and I've periodically kept him hydrated just in case. I had a bearded dragon before that unfortunately passed away cause i realized she was sick too...
  3. StanleysMyDragon

    Best place to buy toltrazuril.

    Hi guys I was looking to buy toltrazuril off bearded Is that a respectable company? My beardie Stanley is 1year old now. How much toltrazuril should I buy 2ml, 5ml, 10ml. I really don't want to take him back to the only reptile vet we have in town he's really not good. So thought I...
  4. Shojo

    White patches on arm and leg

    Hi my beardie is about a year and half years old she’s been eating fine but I noticed yesterday that a white patch had shone on their leg and arm. I know it’s normal to turn more white for shedding but this color of scales is more stark white than it is when they’re about to shed. Please let me...
  5. MarkosMom

    My 5 Year old is not eating

    Hi! I’ve been having issues for the past month and a bit with my baby. Temps are 60-70 in cold and 90-100 in basking. Tank is 90 gal, reptile carpet with a small spot of coconut husk for digging. UVB is the Reptisun T5 10.0 one. He gets 12 hours of heat lamp and uvb a day. Biologically female...
  6. D

    Please help a paranoid first-timer

    I’ve only had my beardie for 3-ish days and my female beardie has begun looking very tired (closing eyes, going under hides/shelter) and while trying to sleep she goes black around her beard and head. Am I being paranoid? She’s just come out of brumation so I think she’s just a bit sleepy...
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