health emergency

  1. FootBump


    my yoshimi has a yellow bump on her foot and i’m wondering what it could be
  2. R

    Abused class pet

    There us this poor beardie at my school that is neglected beyond belief. She has a tiny cage and no UV lamp. From what I have heard and seen, she gets lettuce and a few worms every once in awhile. Her cage is dirty and covered in poop and so is she. She hasn't ever been given a bath and is...
  3. M

    Wrong dosage metronidazole - help!!

    I took my 11month old beardie to the vet today as she has been lethargic and not eating well. They tested for parasites and she has coccidia. They prescribed 2 doses of Ponazuril (pre-filled syringe) and 7 days of the antibiotic Metronidazole. The dosage on the bottle was 0.07ml but I...
  4. Isrena

    Possible broken arm

    My baby was perfectly normal when I left for work, a couple hours later I came home and looked at him, noticed he wasn’t using his right leg and that it was swollen. It’s possible he fell from either his rock or he likes to climb on the front of the tank when he wants attention. I picked him up...
  5. SweetSpicyDragon

    Urgent! Possible tail rot under stuck shed!

    Lately I've become allergic to my bearded dragon Hydra, so his in-depth care has been more spaced out than usual. Today, when he was getting a look-over, I noticed his tail was grey. I tried to gently remove what I thought was stuck shed, only to see the issue at the very tip. After I took care...
  6. Zaargo

    Weird spots on tongue?

    Hello guys it's me again. My little man is having some bad health issues at the moment. Before you ask, yes I was at the vet and yes multiple times :(. I have another vet appointment scheduled for Friday. He's not able to walk around without being in pain, he always has a black beard and seems...
  7. O

    Beardie ate Mother of Thousands leaf

    My beardie (roughly 578.6 grams) ate a toxic leaf that was on my floor that I hadn’t noticed. My dad is on the way to get activated charcoal now. She ate it at roughly 7:07 today and is showing no symptoms. Is there Anything else we can do?
  8. HippieLizards

    Possible tumor, cyst, or abscess developed while I was on vacation for a week. Please help.

    As the title suggests, I just got back home from being away on vacation for 8 days, I had my uncle come and feed them every 2 days however he is not a reptile guy and wouldn’t have noticed this. I finally have had a chance to take a close look at all of my beardies and check for anything before...
  9. Beardielover9000

    Purple/black/orange urate??

    WARNING LONG POST Beards post Hi, my fiancé and I got our beardies in April of 2022. Beeg Guy who is yellow (F) & Funny Guy who’s grey(M) Husbandry 4x2x2 feet zen habitat In inches (48x24x24) 4 or more fake plant/cactus 1 Small drift wood 1 corner hide which is also basking spot 1 tent on...
  10. A


    Hi there. I got my first beardie 3-4 years ago. I am soon to graduate from college but I have noticed there is reddness and what looks like rashes or burns on my beardie. I have looked at other people who had similar issues but I am unsure what to do. I do not want to go to a vet yet as they are...
  11. K

    Red mites

    Hi, I have a male bearded dragon around 8 months old. Around 3 weeks ago I saw little red dots on him and was informed they was mites. Since then his been having warm baths and rubbed down with olive oil. I also bought a mite spray but that didn’t seem to do much. I religiously clean his viv and...
  12. A

    Yellow Fungus???

    does this look like yfd or some other kind of health issue i should be worried about. (sorry about the bad pictures kinda panicking here)
  13. A

    New beardie, sick??

    Hello everyone! I just brought home this beardie a few days ago and am worried about the weird bumps and his discolored this normal? Any ideas?
  14. L

    Please help - bearded dragon foot is swollen

    Hello everyone, last Friday I noticed that my beardie’s foot is swollen. It seems like there’s a black spot of where it started swelling from, and in the last few days it became worst. Here’s a picture from Friday: Here’s a picture from today (Tuesday): he...
  15. D

    There is green spots on my bearded dragons stomach.

    I'm so confused and concerned for my bearded dragon. It used to be one or two green spots on his stomach but now it's like 7 or more! If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.
  16. annabella

    Dark Brown Scales, Fungus? Danger?

    Hello All, Hope your babies are well. I had to put my Nep, a three year old sweetheart, into a boarding home for a week. I did not like how it was not up to my standards on being clean. However it was our only option as we had to go out of town. Upon picking her up two days ago, these dark...
  17. Y

    I need advice and on what to do

    So my boy Merlin is a rescue and when I got him he had a lot of stuck shed after months of cleaning him off I found he had tail rot and he has a white spot on his side and leg I’m not shore what to do he still has a light bit of shed on his head any advice will help thank you
  18. K

    White Scales

    I am hoping someone might have some insight for me on my beardies face scales. A few days ago I noticed that the scales on his upper lip area reaching to his nose look white/pinkish. I didn’t notice this the last shed and am not sure if this is normal and he’s getting ready to shed or if this...
  19. S

    Possible yellow fungus?

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting! Unfortunately, not for a good reason. This morning, I noticed my beardie Floyd has yellow areas on his tail and was wondering if it looks like yellow fungus (his natural coloration is also yellow). The yellow scales feel normal and he has no dark/black...
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