head bobbing

  1. I

    Is it ok to wave at my beardy bobbing his head

    So I'm sewing my beardy a harness/sweater and while I was putting it on him for measurements he got stressed and started bobbing his head. He never does this, ever, he is amazingly well tempered, he isn't skittish or aggressive and is very comfortable around me(I've had him for 5 months), the...
  2. W

    Circular Head Motion

    Hi guys, I just have a quick question/behavior observation. Today it was warm enough to take my beardie outside, it is his first time outside ever so it was very closely monitored. Overall he seemed to enjoy it and would run away from me when I tried to bring him in (he doesn't usually run from...
  3. A

    Beardy bobbing her head and defending against nothing

    Hi everyone! We've head our beardy for a year and she's healthy and normal, except for rare but strange occurrences when she defends herself against practically nothing/air/invisible enemies? Sometimes in the evening, when everything is calm and quiet, she is resting and then suddenly lifts her...
  4. Spider8ait1994

    Bobbing at me but only when I’m in a specific spot?

    I’m asking more out of curiosity than concern but my youngest dragon (estimated to be around 4 years old) who I got as a rescue from unfit owners head bobs at me and my family members sometimes with a darkened beard and sometimes without BUT he only does this when we are in the kitchen...
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