hard urate

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    Multiple hard urates in bearded dragon burmation poop

    So my adult bearded dragon has had some issues with parasites (flagellates and pinworms) but after doing panacur and flagyl he’s been feeling better. Recently he’s kinda gone into a half burmation state. He’s falling asleep earlier and not wanting to wake up as early. He still has a good...
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    HELP! Beardie doesn't poop, black beard, and spasming/twitching and bloated this morning but went to vet 3 days ago

    Tank Info: Zen Habitats 4'x2'x2' , 120 gal T8 UVB in tank about 7 in. from basking area Basking/heat lamp w/ UVA Thermometer w/ probe going to hot end of tank; 95-100 degrees or so Hi all, my beardie Sparkle is a little over a year old and has had health issues since I got him as a baby (last...
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