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    Opening The Mouth

    Hello, first time reptile owner looking for answers. So I’ve had my BD for a couple of months now. I’ve handled him many times before, but recently he’s been opening his mouth and seems scared whenever I try to reach for him. He’s never really done that before and I’m not sure if it means...
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    Skittish 3 month old Bearded Dragon

    Hello! My name is Alexis, I got my bearded dragon (spyro) about 2 weeks ago I would say. They eat and have perfect bowel movements which is no problem, but handling my little guy seems to be an issue. Spyro seems to be super skittish and scared whenever I try to pet. However I have had some cute...
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    Curiousity about good behavior and acclimating Uro to being held without stress.

    I am curious and seeking extra advice as I have a new little guy named Arlo. He is my first lizard I got him on Sunday July 10th. He's been kind of suspiciously relaxed and eating just fine since I got him which I'm happy about! Still some glass surfing but thats to be expected. He loves when I...
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