glass surfing

  1. Avurqillia

    Glass Pacing

    My beardie is glass surfing/pacing a lot recently, he’s 5 months old, I’ve been giving him crickets every other day and mealworms daily and I can’t let him out because I have alot of stuff he can run and hide in to where I can’t get him (he’s gone under the dishwasher and I got him back but it...
  2. G

    Runny poop and glass surfing

    The one in the video is Larry, a 4months old beardie (not sure about the sex, I haven’t tried too hard to guess since I figured out it is a bit early anyway). Larry has a mild diarrhea and, just in the morning, goes around the cage and occasionally does glass surfing (see attached video). I...
  3. nuclearkielbasa

    Constant Wallsurfing - a week of skittering

    So, We recently adopted a beardie from a family (the kids got tired of him, and he'd bitten one so they were all scared of him) He's a bit older than 3 they think. He's lived in a smaller 36" enclosure, all glass(exoterra) with a doubledome-heat & UV combo. We now have him in a 45" laminate...
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