1. Wanhedamous

    Help, identification

    Hello guys. Two months ago I bought a 3/4 week old male zero. Well he seems to be a she. Also seems to have some color making me rethink if she is a zero. I’ll upload some photos from then to now. I got him at an expo so getting in contact with the breeder to confirm is hard. I’d like some...
  2. Wanhedamous

    Genetics & Zero Genetics

    Hello everyone! (I think this was the best to place to post this) I have been trying to find detailed information of the Zero morph / genetics and how they were originated. Where would be the best place to find this information? I am wanting to find further information aside from the basic...
  3. R

    Frog Eye? Genetic? Health Issue?

    I recently noticed my dragon's left eyeball seems to be "popping out" - not a typical bulging-eye scenario. It can only be seen from a certain angle; I'm not sure how long it has been like this. It looks fine from the front. Her right eye is perfectly normal. I've read various answers from...
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