1. C

    Free to a good home Richmond VA

    Hello, We have recently moved into a new apartment. The apartment does not allow ANY pets whatsoever. The rental market here is extremely competitive so we are lucky we have a home. It makes us both very sad but we must now re-home Jekyll, our 5 year old male beardie. It is very important to us...
  2. P

    [ADOPTED] Rehoming 4 year old male bearded dragon Melbourne FL

    Hello I’m looking for a safe home and knowledgeable person to adopt my bearded dragon. I’ve had him since Jan 2020 when he was about 8 months old. He’s been very well cared for and loved. It will include his tank, decor items, food supplements, basically everything I have for him. Please let me...
  3. D

    "Inherited" Bearded Dragon needs new home.

    We have been watching my son's bearded dragon, "Smaug", for about a month now while he's looking for a place to live. He's found one but they don't allow reptiles. If you are in the greater Seattle area and want to care for a docile about 1 year old dragon, please respond! We really don't know...
  4. Razisa723

    ADOPT my 7mo BD from Thornton CO

    I bought BD for teen son as baby at beginning of Jan ‘22. Son has taken care of him/her consistently, but BD “Kazuki” hasn’t warmed up to son, and I believe son is scared of BD. ***** NEED to rehome to someone who knows about BDs to assist with attachment ***** Suggestions…..??? not looking...
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