food strike

  1. Selkie1993

    Beardie Acting Wild After Brumation- Not Eating Much

    Hi Everyone! Drogon is now out of brumation for about 2 months and is acting like a black-bearding lunatic :) I expect this is normal since it's happened in the past. However, he's being annoyingly picky about his food!!! He'll only eat supers, sometimes has no interest at all and won't even...
  2. nuclearkielbasa

    No longer interested in food, and yet still poopin'

    So. We got a beardie from a coworker - He's 3. Was in a 'good but not great' exoterra setup with coil uvb. Fed mostly lettuces, hornworms, and the little red crunchy kibble (which he does love). We've had him since March 2022 - the first 2 months he was Piss'N'Vinegar incarnate- full of that...
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