1. L

    Femoral pores

    Do these phemoral clogs look clogged? I give him semi regular baths so I don’t think they are but I just want to make sure
  2. alyssa2704

    How to prevent infection in open pore?

    Hello, after lots of soaking one of Leos impacted femoral pores have come out in the bath this morning after gently rubbing with a tooth brush and putting coconut oil on. I’m worried about it becoming infected now. What are the chances it will become infected and is there anything I can do to...
  3. alyssa2704

    Think it’s time for the vets.

    I’ve tried everything to try and help loosen Leo’s femoral pores but there’s two that just keep growing and he can’t seem to rub those two down. He isn’t in any pain and they aren’t swollen/infected and is happy and healthy but I would rather get it sorted now then it get to the point of that...
  4. D

    Baths for Femoral Pores

    For a couple of stubborn blocked femoral pores, how often can you soak or bathe safely? I don’t want to cause scale damage or over hydration, but after three 20-30 minute warm soaks over three days, they have started to soften but are still not coming out. Even that has been a struggle since he...
  5. alyssa2704

    Clogged Pores??

    Hi, I’m unsure if my beardies pores are clogged? Any help would be appreciated, he’s a 4 year old male !!
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