female beardie

  1. E

    Questions about honey

    Hi, my female bearded dragon has raw red irritated lips. Can i use Raw Manuka Honey - KFactor 16 - Unpasteurized Honey or is basic raw organic honey okay ? Thank you
  2. E

    kinda urgent ( bloated )

    hi, i have a juvenile female bearded dragon. she had parasites in the beginning of june and shes been on two different meds for it and seemed to be doing better afterwards and we still have to get a sample tested. but shes bloated again so we were hoping it isnt parasites again. her waste looks...
  3. T

    Is my bearded dragon gravid?

    Hello Everyone! So I believe my girl is gravid right now but i’m not sure. Last time she laid eggs, I didn’t even know that she was gravid, I let her out of her enclosure and boom there where some eggs. This time I want to be responsible and provide her with a lay box. I noticed about two weeks...
  4. Cassidy

    Beardie Advice ~ Spay?

    Beardie Advice ~ Spay? 28 minutes ago Quick update on beardie. (More information about my beardie on profile) Brief background, I have had her since 2018, adopted my first beardie from someone who couldn't give her the time she needed so it worked out fine. However, her previous owner did not...
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