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    Hey everyone!! (Photos attached of his Xmas tank.) *** Ragnar’s tank came as is. The light fixtures are glued where they are by the previous owners. He was posted “the prefect Christmas present on FB.” I currently have someone making me a 6X2X2 enclosure, what he is in now is what he has been...
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    Beardie won't eat

    Hello! I have a new bearded dragon male, 1 year old, called smaug and has 305 grams, and I can't get him to eat his greens. His basking spot has 33°C, humidity equal to 32 %, I feed him meal worms once every 4 days, and he eats plants from my garden when I get him outside. I tried his old diet...
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    Hi, I have a question so I have a bearded dragon that is about 8 months I feed him crickets, however I want to know if the quantity that I’m giving him is good or not. So I give him 30-35 crickets a day but I have read that you should let them eat whatever they can in 10-15 min however would...
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