1. T

    Normal eyes?

    His eyes arch looks flat , but only when he is laying in that exact position. Otherwise they look fine. Is that normal? I accidentally put this under beardie ear, but I think it fits better under health. I just can’t figure out how to change it. Sorry.
  2. T

    Eye Shed too early, should I be concerned?

    Hello! I have had my bearded dragon girl ROY for about 3 years and her shed has always gone smoothly. This time around however, with her whole face flaky at once, it seems she may have gotten too ambitious with her scratching as one of the fallen eye sheds was still soft when I picked it up...
  3. lemonbread

    Something in Matcha’s Eye?

    My baby beardie (~3 months old) seems to be having some trouble with his eye. It’s squinted considerably, and the part I can see appears gray and very watery. I’m not sure how to post a picture, but if someone could help me out I’d be happy to add one. He has a proper light setup with a...
  4. Taking away the hornworm cup

    Taking away the hornworm cup

    Devlyn will never forgive me
  5. T

    Bearded Dragon has red dot by eye

    My bearded dragon has a red dot above his eye. Does anyone know why this occurred or how I should help to heal it? (See photo)
  6. Roberts926

    Introduction and Feedback

    Good evening, my name is Robert. I have recently purchased my second bearded dragon. My first one passed away right before Christmas 2021. His name was Zeus and he lived to be 12 years old. Samson is my new beardie and he is approximately 8 months old. I never had any issues with Zeus, however I...
  7. S

    Red film on eye problem

    Hey, his eye is like that. He often close it, and sometimes it looks normal. His other eye seems to be okay. He has been shredding around his eye, I thought it was because of that. What is this, and how can I help him?
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