eye issue

  1. HippieLizards

    Eyes glued shut on new emaciated baby rescue that was abandoned.

    Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve visited this site, but I’ve had an unexpected turn of events. For some context, on Tuesday night I found a Facebook post about a landlord who had discovered a baby beardie that was abandoned in a trailer that their tenets just left behind. They...
  2. Paddythedragon

    Eye issue

    Paddy’s left eye had a little eye booger in it. I gave him a bath and used a wet cutip to wipe it away. The goop is gone, but his eye is swollen and he prefers to keep it shut. Any home remedies I can try to avoid a vet visit? His eye is open in the photo (taken today 02-22-2023). But like I...
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