eye issue

  1. G

    White dried lump on beardies eye

    Hello new here ! Need some help , We adopted our spike from my nephew , when we got him he had a weird white lump just as in the photo (looks dried out) well it fell off the first time but is bad again. His eye does look more irritated this time around, he’s about 5 now I believe :)
  2. HippieLizards

    Eyes glued shut on new emaciated baby rescue that was abandoned.

    Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve visited this site, but I’ve had an unexpected turn of events. For some context, on Tuesday night I found a Facebook post about a landlord who had discovered a baby beardie that was abandoned in a trailer that their tenets just left behind. They...
  3. Paddythedragon

    Eye issue

    Paddy’s left eye had a little eye booger in it. I gave him a bath and used a wet cutip to wipe it away. The goop is gone, but his eye is swollen and he prefers to keep it shut. Any home remedies I can try to avoid a vet visit? His eye is open in the photo (taken today 02-22-2023). But like I...
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